World’s First Real-time Photo Fusion for Portable Devices

Dacuda's LTL Panorama and LTL Photo technology running on Intel-based mobile devices to be shown at MWC.
See Dacuda's solutions in action at the Intel booth Hall8.1-E41
Visit us on 24.2. and 26.2. from 12:00 to 15:00.

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Feature real-time photo fusion unveils at MWC 2014


Dacuda is a Swiss software company offering a unique content capturing technology based on real-time image processing. Dacuda's patented, proprietary SLAM Scan® technology enables fast data entry of text and images, instant editing, as well as easy sharing of contents. It can be implemented into any device that embeds a camera. The world’s first Scanner Mouse and leading smartphone based e-banking solutions are driven by Dacuda’s technology.

Dacuda licenses its technology to leading hardware and software vendors.


2014-04-03 Dacuda founder at popular Swiss TV show

Alexander Ilic, Founder and CTO of Dacuda, was talk guest at AESCHBACHER, a popular show on Swiss Television. Watch it

2014-03-20 Wellington Partners invests in Dacuda to further accelerate growth

Dacuda and Wellington Partners has entered into a partnership to accelerate the market success of Dacuda solutions. Wellington Partners is one of the most successful pan-European venture capital firms, investing in selected outstanding entrepreneurs. Learn more

2014-03-06 Raiffeisen PortalAPP powered by Dacuda wins always five-star feedback since release

Powered by Dacuda, Raiffeisen released its PortalAPP on March 6, 2014 and receives excellent ratings from the users since then. Learn more

2014-03-05 Dacuda on the finalist of Export Award on 《Step-in》2014

Out of numerous projects submitted, Dacuda is nominated by the expert jury for the final of the Export Awards 2014. Learn more

2014-02-14 Dacuda’s LTL Panorama and LTL Photo Technology running on Intel-based mobile devices to be shown at MWC 2014

World's First Ultra Wide Panorama and Real-time Photo Fusion for Portable Devices Unveiled at MWC 2014. Learn more

2014-02-10 Austrian key TV news ‘ZIB2' and ‘ZIB' cover Dacuda

The news demonstrates Dacuda’s Scanner Mouse and reflects the high specialization level of Dacuda employees with their international background. Learn more

2014-01-07 Dacuda and Alcatel unveil LTL Panorama at CES 2014

Alcatel's Super Panorama feature is powered by Dacuda LTL Panorama technology - the world's first ultra wide panorama for smart phones. Learn more

2013-12-22 Dacuda on Austrian television ORF

Austrian Broadcasting ORF portrayed Austrians, such as two Dacuda investors, who are involved in the high-tech industry in Austria and Switzerland. Watch the video

2013-12-12 Bank Coop and Basler Kantonalbank are now using CLX e-banking apps with Dacuda technology

Bank Coop and Basler Kantonalbank introduced e-banking app for smartphones from CLX using the Dacuda technology for scanning pay-in slips and QR-codes. Read more

2013-11-25 The top two Swiss e-banking apps are using Dacuda's technology

The apps for Android and iPhone from the St. Galler Kantonalbank and the Thurgauer Kantonalbank are the most popular e-banking apps in Switzerland. Both of them have the Dacuda scanning engine implemented. Read more

2013-09-19 Dacuda is one of the top ten startups in Switzerland

Dacuda has been picked as one the best startups in Switzerland by 100 experts. Read more

2013-09-16 Sunrise shops equipped with Dacuda's innovative scanner solution

Within the scope of the development partnership between Sunrise and Dacuda, all Sunrise shops have recently been equipped with the innovative scanner software. Read more


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If you would like to participate in our Product Improvement Program, you can download the Dacuda Beta software directly for Windows and Mac. With the Dacuda Beta software, you will get early access to the latest features. By using the Dacuda Beta application, you agree to share anonymous usage information about your usage of the software.

Invented in Switzerland

Invented in Switzerland

SLAM Scan®, the technology behind the mouse scanner, was invented in Switzerland. It is based on recent advances in robotics and computer vision research.

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